The food behind the Yorkshire pub lunch

Pub lunches are becoming more popular throughout the nation, nowhere more so than in Yorkshire. There are many aspects behind Yorkshire pubs that make them so appealing to the county’s people, and this ranges from picturesque locations in both towns and the countryside to the warm and friendly atmosphere for which the region is famous.

People travel from all over the country to sample the delights of Yorkshire pub lunches, which is making Yorkshire towns and cities such as Keighley and Skipton more desirable to stop off in.

Food to be proud of

Yorkshire pubs pride themselves on the food they serve and the way they strive to make it the best they can offer. With the county being the largest in the UK (when all areas within it are combined), it is not surprising that many in Yorkshiremen can call upon natural resources to produce ingredients used in these traditional dishes.

Many pubs call upon local farmers and retailers to supply them with their produce, so that the food on offer is both fresh and Yorkshire through and through. Pubs will often use locally sourced meat, including chicken and duck, as well as other farm produce such as cheese to produce great Yorkshire food.

Take home a souvenir

Some pubs in the Yorkshire area also offer customers the chance to take their great food home with them, selling homemade products such as jams and chutneys to take away.

Food itself is just one of the reasons why Yorkshire pub lunches are growing in popularity.