Daisy chains & the simple life

Do you remember sitting in the grass making daisy chains? This came back to me when we had the chalkboards done on that spring day that we had (before the snow descended again). How simple life was when that was all you’d got to worry about was whether you’d made it long enough to fit round your neck without breaking and if you could do a bracelet to match – aaahhh – those were the days!

After typing up the new menu – I’m starving and can’t wait to try lots of the lovely things we have in store for you – pitta pockets, great salads if you’re watching your figure, lots of vegetarian choices (so my daughter will stop nagging me), some new sizzlers, new burger choices  – in fact take a look for yourself…………

We have just had a real memory lane trip this weekend or visitors more to the point. On Saturday my parents old neighbours arrived (they still live there) and is was lovely to hear how my laugh reminded them so much of my Mum and how “Uncle ” (everyone was uncle and aunty then – what happened to that?) hasn’t really changed though he’s now 94. The Welsh turned up too, some friends from the village where Ross used to play who were making their second trip here and quite separately Ross’ sister and brother in law with their lovely friend Jess who I’m sure we haven’t seen since their wedding some 23 years ago! I do think we need to improve our social life somewhat and not leave things so long but it’s been lovely to catch up.

Enjoy the new menu – roll on summer – and Chaz – thanks for my lovely signs above the bar! – Yes I know I’ve said the l word far too many times, hey ho!!

See you soon

Ross & Anita