The food behind the Yorkshire pub lunch

Pub lunches are becoming more popular throughout the nation, nowhere more so than in Yorkshire. There are many aspects behind Yorkshire pubs that make them so appealing to the county’s people, and this ranges from picturesque locations in both towns and the countryside to the warm and friendly atmosphere for which the region is famous. […]

Eating out in Yorkshire

Whether it is for a celebration or an alternative to cooking, eating out is always a popular option. As Yorkshire food is some of the best on offer, many people from this region and its visitors decide to dine at local pubs – but what is it about the Yorkshire pub that makes it so […]

Why are Yorkshire pub lunches so popular?

Many people consider Yorkshire food to be some of the best on offer in the country, with a large number of the population seeking to dine in some of the county’s finest pubs and restaurants, but why is this? Picturesque locations Folks who live in the big cities are often drawn to more rural settings […]

Anita’s Update: October 2013

I could have danced all night, I could have danced all night and still have begged for more ! I Like it, I like it! These are a few of my favourite things – I’m sure you’ve all got songs that you remember your parents playing and you just find your self singing along – […]

Daisy chains & the simple life

Do you remember sitting in the grass making daisy chains? This came back to me when we had the chalkboards done on that spring day that we had (before the snow descended again). How simple life was when that was all you’d got to worry about was whether you’d made it long enough to fit […]

Anita’s Autumn Update

Rain, Rain go away – come back another  day – or even another year!! I don’t remember as a child ever seeing this much rain – do you? I’m feeling very nostalgic after having the blackboards redone for the autumn and remembering all those things that we used to with the children and as kids […]

Anita’s June Update…

Well I’m feeling very festive – not least because we have just celebrated Jubilee Weekend, and wasn’t it fantastic how everyone was doing something and celebrating the Queen’s 60 years on the Throne! As I’m sure you’re all aware, we have our own celebrations this year and are doing all sorts of stuff to mark […]

Great Yorkshire foods – York ham

A stalwart of Yorkshire pub lunches everywhere, York ham is possibly the most copied food product ever to come out of North Yorkshire. To be a true Yorkshire food, the ham should come from pigs born and raised in Yorkshire, and cured on Yorkshire soil, preferably near or within the city of York itself. Skipton […]

A smoking habit – but a healthy one

A hearty ploughman’s of York ham, served with crusty bread and a selection of homemade pickles, is a popular choice wherever Yorkshire pub lunches are served. Ham is just one example of a traditional Yorkshire food that gains its unique flavour through smoking – a method of food preservation that is centuries old. Cured and […]

In praise of the Great British Pie

Pie-making is a British tradition that goes back centuries. Today, traditional meat pies are still a top choice for Yorkshire pub lunches, with classics like steak-and-kidney, beef-and-ale, chicken-and-mushroom and Cottage Pie on practically every pub menu. “Pie and chips” is a popular choice at fish-and-chip shops, but not one a connoisseur would ever make; the […]