Anita’s Update: October 2013

I could have danced all night, I could have danced all night and still have begged for more ! I Like it, I like it! These are a few of my favourite things – I’m sure you’ve all got songs that you remember your parents playing and you just find your self singing along – well I still do and that was the inspiration for doing the blackboards this winter – no snow and ice we did that last year – just lovely lines from songs that set us off – the staff joined in too so some of their favourites are there too!! – What are yours and are you going to let me in on them?

What a year – it’s October wow, Amy is in sixth form and she’s my baby (yes she’ll hate me for saying that) – the boys have spread their wings further than ever and headed off to New Zealand – great opportunity for them and they’re having fun but I do miss seeing them every day! It’s the shooting and fishing season again and though Ross assures me he’s not doing as much this year I still think I could do a good Cinders in panto. – Ha I used to take the kids to panto every new  year’s eve and have a great time especially when Rikki shouted Duck at Mother Goose and Aaron was given a huge chocolate egg – in fact I may have told you that before – must be losing my marbles.

Gorgeous dishes on the new menu – loads for you to try. Speaking of gorgeous have you seen the foyer, don’t you just love it! Outside has all been done, (well just waiting for two new windows?!) The rest of inside won’t be long. Look forward to seeing you again soon

Ross & Anita