Anita’s Autumn Update

Rain, Rain go away – come back another  day – or even another year!! I don’t remember as a child ever seeing this much rain – do you?

I’m feeling very nostalgic after having the blackboards redone for the autumn and remembering all those things that we used to with the children and as kids ourselves with our parents. Kicking up leaves, jumping in puddles, splashing, playing conkers (before government rules went bonkers – honestly?!) Skating on thin ice – I didn’t do that literally but I think my parents thought I did if you know what

I mean. A hunting we will go oh well has been done down Skegness High Street many a time amid shrieking and giggling from children and parents – I don’t think lots of youngsters will even know what it is as you don’t have to use a mouse. Oh and do you remember Mickey Mouse Time pre seatbelts and you could sit in the middle of the car and watch for them running across the road? We didn’t have the means to watch a film in the car – was it better then I wonder or am I just getting old (don’t ask the staff or the boys – I know their answer!!)

We’ve done lots of celebrating this year and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves doing all sorts of stuff to mark our 10 years here at the Dog & Gun. We hope you’ve enjoyed some of them too and that you will continue to join in the fun and put the dates in your diary.

Enjoy our twist on this years winter menu, cosying up by the fire (Ross says it’s not a word!), reading the paper, joining us for a

drink, a snack, dinner with the family and hopefully creating

your own wonderful memories here

Look forward to seeing you again soon

Ross & Anita