A smoking habit – but a healthy one

A hearty ploughman’s of York ham, served with crusty bread and a selection of homemade pickles, is a popular choice wherever Yorkshire pub lunches are served. Ham is just one example of a traditional Yorkshire food that gains its unique flavour through smoking – a method of food preservation that is centuries old.

Cured and smoked foods are highly popular in the Dales and North Yorkshire, where smoked meat, smoked fish and even smoked cheeses can be found in abundance. Created in traditional smoke houses using fresh natural ingredients, the produce bears no resemblance to that sold in supermarkets, and thus is often only discovered by accident. People stop off at a town like Keighley, order one of the delicious Yorkshire pub lunches, and suddenly they are transported to a gastronomic paradise. The good news is that cured and smoked Yorkshire food travels well, and can often be ordered online. Farmers markets are another good source – or simply ask the publican who their supplier is.

In recent years, Yorkshire food producers have extended the range of smoked foods available to the consumer. As well as bacon and gammon, you can now buy smoked chicken, smoked duck, hot smoked wild boar and even smoked ostrich meat. Whitby, on the North Yorkshire coast, is famous for its smoked fish, in particular kippers, while in the Skipton area you can buy apple wood-smoked cheddars and cold smoked salmon. Other popular woods include beech, oak and alder.

When ordering Yorkshire pub lunches, you can be sure the food will be wholesome, natural and delicious – with healthy smoking strictly allowed.